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At-Home DNA Testing and Genetic Health Reporting for Diet, Fitness, Nutrition, and Medication Efficacy

Physician-Trusted At-Home DNA Health Testing

The same clinical-grade DNA kits and genetic health testing that is offered in physician’s offices is now available for you at home. Receive detailed genetic reports personalized results and custom recommendations regarding your health, nutrition, weight, medication efficacy and well-being based on your unique genetics, from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

At-Home DNA Kits and Genetic Health Testing from OmeCare

Optimize your health with our range of at-home genetics testing options, including custom reports for medication efficacy, nutrition, and weight management.

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Dietgene DNA testing app for weight loss and nutrition.

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All of our clinical-grade DNA kits come with free access to the dietgene app, which combines your genetic analysis and personal preferences to provide personalized recipes and exercise recommendations to keep you on track to meet your health goals. Monitor your progress, make healthy decisions, eat great food, manage your weight, and live well!

Dietgene DNA testing app for weight loss and nutrition.

For Physicians


We employ a team of leading Bioinformatics, Genetic and Molecular Biologists, Nutritionists, Physicians, AI Scientists, and Technicians who operate our clinical-grade, high-complexity, College of Pathologists (CAP) and Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendment (CLIA) accredited laboratory.

This state-of-the-art facility has the capability of performing any type of molecular test including next-generation sequencing (NGS), genotyping, epigenetic-methylation, and RT-PCR/dPCR for viral identification.


All genetic health testing for both our physician and consumer DNA kits is conducted with the highest scientific standards at our fully-owned and operated laboratory located in San Diego, CA and we are licensed to provide our services in every state, including New York. In addition, all our healthcare and genetic data is stored in a HIPAA compliant cloud, and on designated servers with filesystem-level and client-server encryption for optimum security.

Our lab is now approved for COVID-19 testing.

All DNA health testing is done in our certified lab.
All DNA health testing is done in our certified lab.
Our genetic health testing lab is CLIA and HIPAA compliant.
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DNA Kits Provide Reliable Genetics Health Testing from Home

We handle all aspects of the testing, interpretation, and reporting for each of our at-home DNA kits, utilizing scientifically-validated, HIPAA compliant procedures. Our tests examine over 33,000 genetic markers to interpret more than 191 conditions, diseases, or drugs. We then use artificial intelligence and associated algorithms to build comprehensive, personalized reports for clinics and individuals.

These home genetics health testing reports are a culmination of years of thorough research and peer-reviewed validation.  Along with the DNA kits themselves, we offer personalized recommendations and specific actions based on your particular genetics that you can take to improve your health and well-being. Our DNA nutrition and health kit reports also include detailed explanations of our genetic analysis along with actionable insights that you can discuss with your personal physician, all which can be shared and monitored through the free dietgene app.

Results in 1-2-3!

Collect DNA Kit Sample

Collect your DNA at home with our easy-to-use cheek swab.

Wait for DNA Kit Analysis

We analyze your DNA kit sample and build your genetic profile.

Get Your Testing Results

Review your results in a custom report with personalized recommendations.

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