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DNA Health Test Kits and Genetic Reports

OmeCare DNA testing kits and genetic health reports provide actionable, DNA-based insights for optimizing nutrition, weight loss, diet, fitness, medication efficacy, skincare and more.

OmePsych Medication DNA test kit

DNA Test for Mental Health Medication Efficacy

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OmeHealth DNA test kit for overall health

DNA Test for Diet, Health, Fitness, & Performance

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OmeGluten DNA test kit for gluten sensitivity

DNA Test for Gluten Sensitivity

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OmeSport fitness DNA test kit.

DNA Test for Exercise and Performance

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DNA Test for Personalized Skin Care

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DNA Test for Diet and Nutrition

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DNA Test for Pain Medication Efficacy

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Our DNA tests utilize the latest in nutrigenomic and pharmacogenetics research to empower you to improve your health and wellness. Unlocking your genetics allows you to adopt the lifestyle, nutrition, and medication choices that fit best with your unique DNA. Every DNA test kit comes with a personalized report that offers specific suggestions based on your genetic results so that you can optimize your physical and emotional health.

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Results in 1-2-3!

Collect DNA Kit Sample

Collect your DNA at home with our easy-to-use cheek swab.

Wait for DNA Kit Analysis

We analyze your DNA kit sample and build your genetic profile.

Get Your Testing Results

Review your results in a custom report with personalized recommendations.

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