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Match Your Diet
to Your DNA

dietgene harnesses the power of genetics and AI to build a personalized nutrition plan, based on your DNA and other health factors, that is customized to fit you

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The Advantage of dietgene

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Log your food, activity, and weight

Log your food, activity, and weight

Keep track of your health dynamics in app and monitor your progress

dietgene - variety


Get recommendations from over 500,000 recipes. The right nutrition doesn’t have to be boring!

dietgene - personalization

True personalization

This diet is based on YOUR DNA and over 10 years of work by our team of scientists and nutritionists

dietgene - reliability


Over 3,000 physicians trust our solution to create diet plans for their patients

dietgene app
Control your daily budget

Control your daily budget

Our AI will update your daily calorie budget and make recommendations based on your activity level and weight progress

Personalize your menu

Personalize your menu

dietgene uses more than 50 DNA markers, genetic predispositions, and activity levels to recommend the right meals for you

Connect your wearables

Connect your wearables

Connect your Apple Watch, FitBit, and other wearables to make logging your activities precise and easy

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dietgene mission

Our Mission

dietgene was created by OmeCare based on the proven DNA analysis techniques developed over 10 years by leading physicians, nutritionists, scientist, and other professionals with the goal of creating personalized nutritional roadmaps from individuals based on their unique genetic makeup. Originally intended for use by doctors and their patients, dietgene brings the amazing genetics based nutritional planning directly to everyone interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

dietgene is a professional tool, which can be used by everyone to become healthier, lose weight and take a firm step towards longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which DNA files can I upload?

A: dietgene can process files from OmeCare, 23andme, AncestryDNA, and Pathway Genomics.

Q: Why do I need to take a DNA test to get a diet recommendation?

A: Everyone’s body is unique. This is why the diet or workout that worked great for your friend doesn’t seem to be giving you the same results. A DNA test will analyze over 50 markers related to your food sensitivities, metabolic system, and health risks to determine the diet that is best suited for you.

Q: Do you have evidence of the effectiveness of your diet?

A: Yes we do! Over 3,000 physicians use our DNA analysis to create personalized diets for their patients.

Q: Do you take medical conditions and allergies into account when determining my diet?

A: Of course! Most common medical conditions and allergies are taken into account when building your custom diet plan.

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