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The ultimate DNA fitness test report for athletes and exercise enthusiasts wanting to maximize performance and improve their competitive edge.

DNA test for Exercise

Discover your genetic predispositions to traits relating to risk of injury, recovery response to exercise, endurance, sleep, anxiety, power, weight loss, hydration and many more!

What's Included:

Genotyping by PCR-based enrichment and next-generation sequencing analyzing 60 genetic markers.

Personalized report containing detailed information on how to make effective improvements to your training and daily life routines.

  • Exercise and Fitness:  19 conditions and traits.
  • Health Predispositions:  Weight Loss-Regain.
Our genetic health testing lab is CLIA and HIPAA compliant

OmeSport Fitness DNA Test

This product will tell you:

Work smarter not harder. Whether you are trying to improve performance, achieve an ideal body composition or simply attempting to prevent injury understanding your genetics will enable you to achieve maximal results in the shortest time.

Whether you are a weekend warrior looking for a competitive edge or an athlete wanting to maximize his or her performance, OmeSport gives you the necessary tools to elevate your game.

Exercises and Fitness exercise & fitness personalized condition/traits reporting:

Endurance Training
Sport Endurance
Caffeine and Endurance
Sport Power
Strength Training
Aerobic Capacity (V02max)
Exercise-associated Muscle Cramping
Weight Loss Response to Exercise
Loss of Body Fat to Exercise
Insulin Sensitivity to Exercise
Bone Density and Calcium Intake
Sport Achilles Tendinopathy
Ankle Injury
Medical Collateral Ligament Injury
Hamstring Injury

In genetics, some research can be described as stronger than others. Our DNA reports only utilize scientifically verified genetic information, unlike some at-home genetics companies. With that in mind, we provide a rating system for all our DNA health test results to ensure you know if the science on that particular finding is extremely strong or just preliminary.

DNA Test for Exercise and Performance

Results in 1-2-3!

Collect DNA Sample

Collect your DNA at home with our easy-to-use cheek swab.

Wait for DNA Analysis

We analyze your sample and build your medications profile.

Get Your Results

Receive your custom medication report within 3-4 weeks.

dietgene - calorie tracker and meal planner for weight loss

dietgene: Knowledge
is just the Beginning!

With DNA testing for nutrition, knowledge of your genetics is just the beginning of the journey towards wellness! Every OmeCare DNA test comes with our freemium app helps empower you to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.
Whether you are interested in weight loss or optimizing your nutrition, you can instantly leverage your personal diet and nutritional DNA results into a customized meal and fitness plan with dietgene. Get customized recipes that fit with your genetic profile.

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dietgene - Play Market
dietgene - AppStore
dietgene - calorie tracker and meal planner for weight loss

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