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Raw Data Nutrition Report

Get additional health and wellness insights and recommendations by uploading your 23andme raw DNA data for a detailed nutrition report via email

23andMe, Ancestry raw DNA based Nutrition Report

Use your previous raw data files from 23andme to unlock additional health and wellness insights

Upload Raw Data

We accept .txt or .csv raw data files from 23andme

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Additional information helps us customize your report

Get Your Results

Get an email within 30 minutes with your results in our custom report

23andme Raw Data File Nutrition Report — What's Included:

Use your previous 23andme data to receive a detailed report that includes genetic predispositions for obesity, metabolism, cholesterol levels, vitamins intake levels and more.

The DNA raw data nutrition report includes a custom report delivered to your email utilizing your unique genetic profile.

No additional swab test kit needed – your raw data file is all you need!