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Pathway to Personalized Medicine for Your Practice and Patients

The Atrium portal is a FREE one-stop solution that will save you time and resources by streamlining genetic testing for your practice. Order OmeCare DNA tests, check the status of reports, order supplies, view patient results and more.

DNA Personalized Health Programs

  • Provides patients and their healthcare providers with the most comprehensive, clinical-grade genetic information available.
  • DNA reports generated are best-in-class for personalized, precision health plans to manage nutrition, fitness, weight management, skincare and medications.
  • Secure portal to order tests, view and download reporting.
  • User-friendly kit so samples can be collected in clinics, onsite or at home.
  • Results sync with our dietgene® app which combines DNA, activity data and AI to optimize behavior.

See our complete line of health, wellness, and pharmacological DNA tests.

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