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Clinical & Pharmacological DNA Genetic Tests

DNA Test for Antidepressants and Medication Efficacy

Mental Health DNA Insight

A comprehensive patient’s personal genetic report with an analysis of your patient’s likely response to 51 commonly prescribed psychiatric medications.

Cardiac DNA Insight*

A precision DNA test that analyzes a patient’s unique genetic markers which influence a broad range of heart-related conditions.

Healthy Weight DNA Insight*

Provides specific genetic information including patient’s matching diet type, nutritional needs and genetic propensities. May help you reduce your patient’s risk of heart disease by making appropriate diet and nutritional changes. Provides you with a personalized approach to healthy weight loss.

DNA Test for Pain Medication Efficacy

Pain Medication DNA Insight

A personalized DNA analysis of the patient’s metabolism of pain drugs, especially opioids, and the relative risks of taking the drug. Gain personalized insights on how the body responds to 13 pain relief medications.

Healthy Woman DNA Insight*

A precision DNA test, analysis and report providing insight on a variety of genes that influence response to diet, metabolism, and exercise, as well as the propensity to develop certain health conditions and likely response to specific medication. May help to better manage postpartum weight loss, aid in identifying behavior that may need to be managed and provides information to promote improvement in overall health and wellness.

*  Physician order only

Health and Wellness DNA Genetic Tests

DNA Test for Diet, Health, Fitness, & Performance


Our most broad spectrum test report presents analysis on 35 different phenotypes using more than 70 different genes. Designed to give fitness and nutrition recommendations to help encourage weight loss, manage metabolism and diabetes, or guide other medical and lifestyle issues.

- DNA Test for Gluten Sensitivity


DNA Gluten test that may help you determine if genetics may play a role in your gluten sensitivity


DNA Test for Exercise and Performance


The ultimate guide for athletes wanting to maximize performance and improve their competitive edge.


DNA Test for Personalized Skin Care


DNA test analyzes over 70 different markers in 36 genes to understand the risk factors, sensitivities and best treatment options through seven categories of skin genetic health.

DNA Test for Diet and Nutrition


DNA test analyzes 25 different traits that help to improve metabolism, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and mitigate risks of developing obesity-related chronic diseases.

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