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Pathway to Personalized Medicine for Your Practice and Patients

The Atrium portal is a free one-stop solution that will save you time and resources by streamlining genetic testing for your practice. Order OmeCare DNA tests, check the status of reports, order supplies, view patient results and more.

Instant Notifications

OmeCare Atrium makes it easy to act on your patient reports. Receive immediate email notifications when reports are available or require your attention. As a cloud-based platform you can download reports directly from Atrium for each patient’s test order and also receive real-time status of test orders pending. You can even securely email results directly to your patient.

Discounted Pricing and Insurance

Save money. All approved practices and clinics will receive discounted pricing as compared to our Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) online store. If you have a valid NPI number and you order one of our clinical DNA products, your patient’s test may be covered by insurance. Just download our product requisition forms and medical questionnaires for insurance prior authorization submission.

Integrated Support

You can view tutorials, live chat with Client Services, download technical bulletins and more.

Easy Online Ordering

OmeCare Atrium lets you order all our proprietary DNA tests, request additional collection supplies, and generate requisition forms.

Get Set Up on Atrium

Please download and fill out our Medical Practice Registration Form to start setting you up on Atrium.

Have questions about testing before enrolling as a provider? Just fill out the form below. We’re here to help!

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Over 3,000 physicians and 200,000 patients have used our tests. We are more than a testing service; we partner with physicians to provide insights, recommendations, and access to nutritional professionals that fill the gap of critical information needed for complete care.